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The Need for a New Party: Patriots and conservatives have been disgruntled with the Republican Party for decades. Establishment Republicans have long warned that a new Party would split the vote and give Democrats the victory. But they have diluted the difference by cooperating behind the scenes to the point that there is no longer a choice. Donald Trump received vastly more legitimate votes than any candidate in history because he offered the first real choice for decades. That choice was nullified by deep state Democrats with the cooperation of establishment Republicans. A new Party is necessary.
Election Integrity: The 2020 election was conducted illegally in at least four states. This was exasperated by the use of compromised electronic voting machines. Future elections should be conducted by laws set by state legislatures and should require documented verification of eligibility and direct partisan over site. Ballot harvesting should be a federal crime.
National Debt: It is acknowledged that the federal government is insolvent. The appearance of solvency is being maintained by the creation of trillions of dollars in counterfeit U.S. currency. The Federal Reserve creates the dollars and distributes them to a handful of multinational banking corporations who then loan it back to the U.S. government where it is used by legislators to expand the wealth and power of said legislators and their partners. The Patriot Party of Arkansas supports a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget and the issue a new U.S. dollar backed by gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals. The debt will be adjudicated under the bankruptcy laws of the United States.
Social Security: The federal government has demonstrated that it cannot be trusted with other peoples money. The Social Security Administration should be dismantled and the accounts turned over to the state of residency of each citizen at the time the act becomes law to be administered according to laws set by the states.
Immigration: The Patriot Party of Arkansas supports legal immigration enforced according the the laws of the United States and consistent with the Constitution. Illegal immigration should be resisted by all legal means including completion of the southern border wall. Once illegal entry has been controlled the Party supports a discussion of a statute of limitation on past illegal entries by those who have not engaged in other illegal activity.
Taxes: Taxes should be assessed and collected by the most efficient means available and without discrimination between citizens. If an income tax of a given percentage is assessed against any citizen, it will be assessed against every citizen equally.
Climate and the environment: The Patriot Party of Arkansas supports clean air, land and water in the United States and abroad consistent with the constitution. We also acknowledge that the political movement purporting to advocate for the planet is a tool of forces acting against the interests of the United States.

Policy Details and Goals

Election Integrity Capital Hill Attack Fake News
Drug Laws National Debt Covid 19
Climate Change Taxes Illegal Immigration
Health Care Cops and Civil Unrest Social Security
Free Enterprise National Defense Arkansas County Managers

DocumentIcon.jpg See statutes: Title 7, Chapter 7-205 of the Arkansas Code

In Arkansas, a political party is defined as a group of voters whose candidate at the last preceding general election for governor or president received at least 3 percent of all votes cast for those offices. The steps a group must take in order to be recognized by the state are described below.

  1. The political group wishing to become a recognized political party must file with the Arkansas Secretary of State 60 days before the candidate filing deadline.
  2. The group must file a petition containing 10,000 signatures from registered voters in the state. These signatures cannot be gathered earlier than 90 days before the petition filing deadline. An affidavit stating under oath that the group does not advocate in any way the overthrow of the United States government or the Arkansas government by any unlawful means must also be filed.
  3. Once the Arkansas Secretary of State certifies the petition, the new political party may nominate candidates by convention for its first general election. The candidates nominated must file political practices pledges with the secretary of state no later than noon on the date of the primary election. The party must file certificates of nomination with the secretary of state or county clerk by noon on the date of the primary.
  4. If the new party obtains 3 percent of the total votes cast for either their gubernatorial or presidential nominees, the party will become fully recognized. As long as the party's candidates continue to meet this threshold, the party will maintain its status and can nominate candidates via primary rather than by convention.
  5. After a primary election, a recognized political party is required to hold a state convention to receive the election results for all offices from the Arkansas Secretary of State The party must then give each successful candidate a certificate of nomination.

A petition will be placed here at the appropriate time.

Election 2020 Click to enlarge

Our country has been under attack. The war was waged from the halls of Congress, boardrooms of multi-national corporations like Facebook, Twitter and Google, and the offices of New York corporate media. Donald Trump was fighting back and he had a majority of the American people enthusiastically behind him. He had to be stopped, so Joe Biden was chosen for the people by our betters. Now the deep-state-run media is busy trying to make us like it.

Rigged elections are and always have been the norm in this world. For over two hundred years, we were the exception. Once a regime comes to power illegally, they don’t allow dissent or opposition.

Information about what happened in Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta and Philadelphia between election night and the morning of November 4 2020 has been so thoroughly censored that talking about it is grounds for removal from public office disqualification from current or future employment.

A Google search for 2020 election fraud returns 259,000,000 results, not one of which shows any evidence of election fraud.

Twitter banned Trump to stop him from revealing the evidence his team had documented. They also shut down the accounts of his lawyers and other team members who had worked to compile that proof as well as over 70,000 Americans who tweeted or retweeted the words “stop the steal”.

Apple and Google removed Parler from their app stores and then Amazon shut down their servers because many of its 15 million users were disseminating information about election fraud.

Every purveyor of information in the United States from Wikipedia to New York corporate media worked together to prevent the mountain of evidence substantiating election fraud from reaching the American people.

Radio stations and TV networks warned program hosts that “perpetuating the lie" that the election was stolen would not be tolerated. Members of Congress who had asked for a investigation into the election were accused of “perpetuating the lie” and therefore contributing to insurrection.

The fact that questions are not allowed, is by itself evidence.

Multiple investigations determined that Dominion voting machines had programmable algorithms designed to allow vote totals to be adjusted by a preset percentage. After vastly underestimated how much adjustment would be needed to insure a Biden victory, deep state operatives in five states stopped the count and brought in hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots to make up the difference.

If not for extremely anomalous updates posted in the middle of the night and behind closed doors, Joe Biden would have lost the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia, giving him 42 fewer Electoral votes and putting him below the number required to win the Presidency.

Hundreds of witnesses who documented under oath that fraudulent ballots were hauled, delivered and counted in the hours between midnight and 7:00 AM November 4th were silenced, but enough information had already become part of the public record to discern the truth.

Late on Election Night 2020, President Trump had a lead of around 100,000 votes in Wisconsin, 293,000 votes in Michigan, and a lead of 750,000 votes in Pennsylvania. A short time later various precincts including Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta and Philadelphia stopped counting and sent election officials home. Updates to the election totals after election officials were sent home and before the sun came up on November 4th were more than extraordinarily anomalous, they were statistically impossible. Here are four examples taken from information published by the New York Times after the election.

An update in Georgia at 1:34 AM Eastern Time on November 4th, which shows 136,155 votes for Joe Biden and 29,115 votes for Donald Trump
An update in Wisconsin at 3:42 AM Central Time on November 4th, which shows 143,379 votes for Joe Biden and 25,163 votes for Donald Trump
An update in Michigan at 3:50 AM Eastern Time on November 4th, which shows 54,497 votes for Joe Biden and 4,718 votes for Donald Trump
An update in Michigan at 6:31 AM Eastern Time on November 4th, 2020, which shows 141,258 votes for Joe Biden and 5,968 votes for Donald Trump

The 3:42 AM update in Wisconsin alone erased a Trump lead of more than 100,000 votes and put Biden in the lead. Those votes have since disappeared and are not available for examination or recount.

The 1:34 AM spike in Georgia came less than three hours after surveillance video showed cases of votes pulled from a hidden space under a covered table, again after election officials were sent home. These votes have also not been made available for examination.

Evidence aside, Common Sense alone casts doubt on the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

In the days before the election tens of thousands of Americans showed up at three and four Trump Rallies per day to show their support while Biden’s rallies attracted dozens of supporters.

More than twice as many blacks voted for Trump in 2020 than in 2016.

At least 40% more Hispanics voted for Trump in 2020 than in 2016.

Trump got 12 million more votes in 2020 than in 2016.

More than 74 million registered voters with ID and an address voted for Trump in 2020. Vastly more than any candidate in history.

In 2020 alone, 17 million Americans purchased a weapon, most for the first time. But we are supposed to believe that they voted for Biden/Harris who have pledged to take them away.

Here is what is right in front of our faces. Millions of ballots were printed ahead of the election. Laws were changed, by judges and bureaucrats not state legislatures to allow these ballots to be counted regardless of where they came from, when they came in or whether they had a valid signature.

On election night Trump was ahead in six key states. They stopped counting at around bedtime and sent all of the poll watchers home. The next morning it was found that hundreds of thousands of votes had shown up over night, almost all for Joe Biden.

Trumps poll watchers were kept from seeing these ballots. Hundreds have signed affidavits swearing to have seen vans unloading ballots in the middle of the night, seen signatures on ballot after ballot in the same handwriting. But questions will not be tolerated.

One of the reasons Trump was such a threat was that he tended to keep his promises. One of those promises, school choice, would have freed hundreds of thousands of mostly black children stuck in under performing government/union run schools.

Freeing those people, offering them an escape from the gang and drug infested slums of government housing and welfare was a threat to the entitled elite and their plans to subjugate the American people. Going forward, success will only come for the connected. Hard work only has value if you’re free, it gains a slave little.

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Capital Hill Attack Click to enlarge

The January 6th 2021 attack on Capital Hill by thousands of deranged MAGA hat wearing insurrectionists was a seminal event in American history. It exposed the true nature of everything that has happened since 2016 when Donald Trump threw a monkey wrench into the ongoing, and damned near complete overthrow of We the People government in the United States.

The looting, burning and murdering in cities across the U.S. during 2020 were “mostly peaceful protests” because they were mostly burning private property.

The Capital hill attack targeted our rulers where they work and that is treasonous. It exposes a government for and by the elite, the people and their property be damned.

The corona virus was used to close small business across America while Home Depot, Verizon, hell, every name listed on the New York stock exchange, remained open for business.

Covid-19 was used as a tool by the entitled elite to accelerate their agenda. Trumps vaccines cut their plans short, but after the coup that took place during the night of the 2020 election, they can implement climate change laws to take up where Covid lock-downs leave off.

It appears that our government no longer worries about how much it can afford to spend. The truth is, they no longer need our permission to spend our money. Private property is a measure of freedom. It is the direct result of true representative government. From now on wealth will be distributed to the masses by the federal government. Unequal outcomes among the general population will not be tolerated.

The next election? Hell, if you supported the wrong person in this election your business is being shut down, your blacklisted from working for a major corporation and their talking about labeling Trump supporters as domestic terrorists. There will never be another free election in this country.

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Free Enterprise Click to enlarge

An idea as simple as empowering the individual changed the world because it is human nature to want to make something. Whether you do it with a hammer, brush or lawn mower, a job done well feels good. It feels better when others like what we made, and better yet when they want it enough to give you something of value for it. Capitalism is in our DNA. It works because everyone involved feels good. The guy who grows hops and barley, is proud when his work comes to fruition. The woman who pays him for his hops and barley feels pride in the beer she sells to a man who is glad to trade a share of what he earned trimming another man’s grass for a glass of cold beer at the end of the day. It created more opportunity for more people at every step which compounds like interest and grew into the wealthiest economy the world has ever seen.

When someone is successful and accumulates wealth, it attracts people who want some of it. The best way to get it, is to make something of value that the successful guy needs or wants, which makes more successful people who each create opportunity for more people to become successful. That is the essence of a free society. It doesn’t make everyone rich, but it gives everyone an opportunity to become rich. This system creates more wealth than anything thats ever been tried. Taxing this system moderately can help far more of those unable to take advantage of opportunity than politicians will ever help by taxing millionaires and billionaires.

In a society that has no rich people,no one can get rich. If we want it to be possible for us or our children or grandchildren to be successful, we must support the existence of other successful people. The most important decision any government makes is whether to let productive citizens keep most of what they earn, or take it under the theory that the general good will be better served if government bureaucrats spend it. It is the nature of politicians to offer higher wages, better jobs, health care, all kinds of things, if they are just allowed to confiscate more of what people earn. The history of the world is rife with what happens when they do.

An economic and political system that allows private individuals to earn and keep their own property, organically provides opportunity to everyone indiscriminately and has built in regulation enforced by individual choice. The grocer who sells rotten food is put out of business by his customers. In a regulated system, we all get stuck paying the same phone company, no choice. Free enterprise capitalism has natural checks and balances that have no prejudices. It creates opportunity organically which is available without prejudice to anyone willing and able to take advantage of it. It is not equal opportunity because people are not equal. Ugly girls don’t become cheerleaders and fat guys don’t get the leading role in an action film, but fat guys and ugly girls will succeed at something else as long as the government doesn’t try to fix the cheer leading and movie problem.

Opponents of Capitalism, which includes every 2020 Democrat candidate, complain that many miss out on the opportunities inherent in free enterprise, and that’s true. A lot of people do not recognize opportunity when it is all around them because more often than not it comes disguised as hard work. Even so, it sounds reasonable to tax those who do succeed in order to help those who miss out. Unfortunately, government can’t do that because of the unavoidable fundamental fact that money sticks to the fingers of the ruling class as it makes its way from the taxpayer to its intended use.

I have spent most of the last 40 years building a small manufacturing business. The year I sold it, 2018, it produced 3.8 million dollars worth of product that people choose to pay for. In each of those 40 years, the government demanded a larger share of what we produced and enforced more rules about how we could produce it. Somewhere along the way I realized that my government believes that small business is it’s enemy. I watched hundreds of small to medium sized businesses move their manufacturing to Mexico, South America, China and India to escape the government’s wrath.

The government doesn’t create any wealth. The only way wealth has ever been created is by someone doing work of some kind to make something of value. 30 percent of my factory’s revenue each year went to employee wages and expenses. My employees took home about half of it, the government in its various forms took the rest. You might think that a system that taxes work would encourage work, but every time I hired someone, I paid a penalty. Every time I even gave someone a raise, my company was penalized by the government.

In the words of Thomas Jefferson “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within the limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others” The result of creating a political system based on this sentiment was little short of a miracle. The Constitution was written in a few pages of plain language that any literate person can understand. It states clearly and simply what the government can do and more importantly, what it cannot do. There is no need for constitutional scholars. It is a simple tool that does a very good job of doing the simple, singular job it was designed to do, defending the individual liberty of United States citizens. But like any tool, it is only as good as the people who use it.

Today it is prejudiced by campaign contributions and lobbyists. Under this system large multinational corporations pay little if any federal taxes while “I know first hand” small business is so heavily burdened by taxes and regulations as to make it virtually impossible to succeed.

Most of us shake our heads at the waste and stupidity of government but it is not stupidity, it is organized theft on a scale never before seen in human history.

When the big bank monopoly in New York crashed our banking system in 2008, there were over a hundred federal regulatory entities with oversight authority over those banks. Millions of overpaid bureaucrats not only failed to prevent the crash, they didn’t even see it coming. President Bush and 535 members of Congress, many of whom sat on committees overseeing or investigating the banks were equally clueless.

These people are not equipped to control our economy, but they’re doing it anyway. They have borrowed 23 trillion dollars, $180,000 per taxpayer, and their only plan is to borrow more. They are taking over more of the economy every year. Before the 2008 crash, the federal government owned about half of all residential mortgages. In 2019 its well over 90 percent. That’s just one of the thousands of ways they are displacing free enterprise.

The federal government will default on its debt. There is a maximum effective tax rate after which more taxes decrease economic activity slowing tax revenue. The honest, mathematical truth is, they have already borrowed more than any tax rate could repay. A world wide economic collapse is inevitable. It will be the most traumatic event to face the world since the Great Depression.

The ironic thing is, they didn’t really borrow 22 trillion dollars. How could they have? Where would the wealthiest nation on Earth go to borrow that much money? The answer is no one on this planet bought 22 trillion dollars worth of treasury securities. Remember, they would have had to sell $180,000 worth of treasury bonds to every wage earner in the United States, it’s just not realistic.

The scam looks like this. Every time Congress raises the debt ceiling, the Federal Reserve adds that amount to it’s balance sheet. Since there aren’t enough lenders in the world to buy that many treasury bonds the Fed liquidates the money they just added and distributes it to a handful of big banks with strings that cause them to invest it in U.S. treasuries. We the Taxpayers are paying interest on money that wasn’t really borrowed. It’s a win for the banks who collect interest, Congress who collects contributions to influence how they will spend it, and whoever makes $500 hammers, $2,000 toilets and bridges to nowhere. The losers are anyone with a job and the next several generations of Americans.

Politicians promise to take out undeserving millionaires and billionaires promising it will pay for all kinds of stuff for the American people. The stuff never turns out as good as they promised, it always cost more than they said it would and the working masses always end up paying for it. Working people always have and always will pay for the schemes of greedy politicians. That’s why taxes are deducted from pay checks, because that's where the real wealth is produced.

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Marijuana Click to enlarge

When lawmakers wanted to make alcohol illegal, they knew they needed to amend the Constitution to do it. By the 1930’s Congress had decided that they were smarter than the dead guy’s who had written the Constitution so in 1937 they passed a law making marijuana illegal. As with the prohibition of alcohol 17 years earlier, this act forced the distribution of marijuana underground. The distribution network that emerged over the next few decades reached into practically every town and high school in the United States.

The statement that marijuana use leads to the use of harder drugs is true, but not because the plant is a gateway drug. It’s because the underground network it’s prohibition created was used to distribute other substances that there would have never been a market for otherwise. The same guy you bought your pot from in high school can provide you with hashish, cocaine or heroin.

It turns out that politicians are not smarter than this country’s founders, and they are not smarter than you or me. The gist of the laws that are supposed to govern our country, the Constitution, is that no one is smarter than you or me when it comes to deciding what is right for you or me as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. Unfortunately, Congress and the hundreds of thousands of bureaucrats they empower, are positive that without their help, we will all descend into drug addicted poverty. There is evidence for just the opposite.

The Constitution is very clear about what the federal government is allowed to do, and it very clearly states that all else is prohibited to it. When lawmakers ignore the rules and take matters into their own hands “because they are smarter than the people they govern” it always leads to disaster. The war on drugs has cost the American people over a trillion dollars. We spend 10 million dollars a day incarcerating people for using drugs. Result, more people die every year from drug overdoses.

There is a direct cause and effect line from the 1937 law prohibiting marijuana through the war on drugs to the 72,000 people who died in 2017 of drug overdoses because federal lawmakers are trying to do things they lack the legal authority or proclivity to do. The States have the constitutional authority to prohibit any substance their people wish. Some States would have gotten it right, and the rest of us could either move there or change our State’s laws accordingly. That’s how our system is supposed to work.

As usual though, there’s more to this than misguided lawmakers trying to do the right thing the wrong way. The original 1937 marijuana act was the result of political unrest in Mexico that sent almost 200,000 Mexican refugees to the United States. Mexicans smoked marijuana like post-prohibition Americans drank beer, and much of the impetus for the law was aimed at them. It’s hard for people in power who already think they are smarter than all of us not to look down at poor ethnic groups with disdain. That kind of thinking has played a role in our government’s war on drugs for 80 years, and that’s exactly why that kind of power was specifically denied the federal government from the start.

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Climate Change Click to enlarge

“The entire North polarized cap will disappear in five years.” Al Gore, 2008

In a free enterprise system, thousands of entrepreneurs with thousands of alternatives would be competing for the attention of individuals who one at a time, making decisions in their own self interest, would make the best choices. The 150 year old internal combustion engine would have been replaced decades ago.

In our country today, choices are made by multinational corporations and foreign governments who buy influence from elected politicians hiding behind unelected bureaucrats to whom they’ve delegated the task of enforcing unpopular choices while they campaign on promises of change. This system preserves and protects existing big business while stifling innovation.

Government subsidies for electric cars combined with penalties and tax deterrents for alternatives are leading the auto industry down a dead end road. Hauling hundreds of pounds of batteries around that need charged by a fossil fueled infrastructure made of millions of miles of copper wire strung through trees is the opposite of progress.

One of Joe Bidens first acts as President was to stop construction of the Keystone pipeline, preserving 40,000 eighteen wheeled tanker trucks that currently deliver oil from Canada and the Dakotas to Texas refineries. Those trucks will consume three quarters of a million tires, a billion gallons of diesel and several billion dollars worth of road building and maintenance every year that the pipeline remains unfinished.

The people behind Bidens move are not trying to reduce carbon in the atmosphere. If they were, they would do something about a half million federal employees driving to every address in the country six days a week delivering thirty thousand trees worth of junk mail. Climate Change is the tool of a political movement bent on global hegemony. In that light, killing the Keystone pipeline to damage the U.S. energy industry makes sense.

A generation of Americans have been taught that the planet is in danger from kindergarten on. They have not been told that if the United States outlawed all fossil fuels tomorrow, or better yet if the United States was removed from the face of the Earth cows and all, in ten years it would reduce the increase of carbon in Earths atmosphere by .02 percent.

In fact, according to the same scientific papers that the Climate movement cherry-picked their evidence from, if the worlds man made carbon emissions were reduced to zero today, the planet would continue to warm for another 400 years.

The climate has been changing for four and a half billion years. For most of the time humans have walked the Earth it has been much colder than it is today. Historically speaking, the last ten or twelve thousand years have been unusually warm, probably due to the tilt of the Earth. All the advances in human civilization that we know of have taken place during this time.

The Climate movement has been remarkably consistent. Every prediction they’ve made for thirty years has failed to happen. Even if Al Gore had been right, the Climate Change agenda would have done nothing but make the whole country poor and leave Russia and China to run, or ruin the world.

The New Green Deal has attracted a lot of attention for some of its goals, like eliminating cows and air travel, but the most outrageous part of the movement attracts little attention. “Don’t ask me how we’re going to pay for it.” The freshman Senator said. “This country is 23 trillion dollars and counting in debt and no one is asking how we’re going to pay for that.”

Unfortunately, she was right. Our government is mathematically insolvent and no one in government is the slightest bit interested, because federal spending is the revenue source for the largest scam in history. Climate Change politics is just a new part of the scam.

They fully intend to confiscate the proceeds of American production until the U.S. is reduced to something on par with the rest of the world so as to be less of an impediment to the new world order. A lot of people like the Bidens are getting very wealthy along the way while a lot of working Americans are forced out of business and out of work.

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Coronavirus Click to enlarge

Many millions of Americans have been exposed. Millions have suffered symptoms and tens of thousands of mostly elderly who were already sick have died. It is serious and deadly, but it’s not even close to as serious and deadly as the American people have been led to believe.

Recommendations of social distancing, hand washing, field hospitals and an accelerated effort to develop treatments and a vaccine was a reasonable response. The political overreach and economic carnage inflicted on our country was not, but then it wasn’t done to fight the virus, it was done to take advantage of it. The resulting political and economic changes will kill far more people than the virus would have.

Human nature being what it is, many politicians and bureaucrats become wealthy managing other peoples money. That wealth is power which is used to protect and grow the source of the wealth. Covid-19 was tailor made (probably literally) for this purpose.

The trillions in stimulus spending was not designed to save employers and their workers, it was designed to steal from them. The fact that they can spend that kind of money without anyone asking whose money they are spending, is evidence of an autonomous hand behind a no longer representative government.

A capitalist economy is a living, breathing thing. You can’t turn it off and expect to wake it up again when you decide you need it. Businesses lost employees, customers, and vendors. Inventories became obsolete. Methods, procedures and talents were lost. The interdependent connections between thousands of small companies and millions of people have disintegrated, and trillions of dollars conjured out of nothing have distorted the economic foundations of property and ownership.

America wasn’t supposed to have a state-run media, but it is obvious which side the New York corporate media monopoly was on. The few voices that questioned the wisdom of causing another great depression over something that worse case would kill fewer people than cars, were either taken off the air or mysteriously quit asking unauthorized questions.

Amid the panic in New York, the thousand bed hospital ship Comfort had almost no patients because taking the pressure off their health care system didn’t fit the narrative. New York City is the headquarters of Corporate media. It’s literately crawling with reporters, but not one of them mentioned that the death rate for all causes not related to Covid-19 dropped by about the same number as Corona-virus victims increased. Except of course, in the petri-dish nursing homes into which infected elderly patients were placed by order of Governor Cuomo.

They did their best to hide the glaring coincidence over the origin of this virus. The market in Wuhan China where it supposedly spontaneously appeared, is walking distance from China’s only level four bio-lab, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where scientists have worked with Corona-viruses for years. The only prominent person to dare to ask the question, U.S. Senator Tom Cotton, was universally shouted down by the media and shunned, or silenced? by his colleagues.

Even referring to the virus as Chinese was roundly criticized. When Trump referred to it as a “foreign virus” USA Today called it “Racial discrimination and Xenophobia” saying the comment “goes against universal values of morality and humanitarianism” George Orwell couldn’t have come up with this.

If almost everything they told us about Covid-19 hadn’t been a lie, the following would sound like a crazy conspiracy theory.

Many of the more than 200 level three and four bio-labs in the United States and around the world do “Gain of function” research on viruses to make them more dangerous in an attempt to predict what future strains could look like. These viruses, usually corona-viruses because they are easily transmitted across species, are routinely shared between labs.

One of the Deepstateocrats greatest coups was to be the takeover of the American health care system. It would have added 3 or 4 trillion to their annual take, but they had a problem. A relatively small, but growing demographic was using the lions share of health resources, and were no longer working and therefor weren’t paying much into the system. The cartels working theory as articulated by President Obama was for people over eighty to be given a pill and sent home.

Did the Corona-virus just show up? Or was it up someones sleeve, it’s use unthinkable until trillions of dollars were at stake and there were no other options? To what lengths would a criminal enterprise who desperately needed a recession to protect their multi-trillion dollar business not go? Trumps assault on the American Deep State was enough to turn the unthinkable into a plan to not only stop Trump, but crush the last vestiges of free enterprise in the bargain.

Trump had few options. If he hadn’t gone along with the shut down, he would have been crucified with pictures of body bags lining the streets of cities across the nation. He could have come out with the truth as soon as he suspected we were being scammed, but it would almost certainly have cost him the Presidency, and lost the war.

Misinformation has been used as a weapon in every war ever fought, but its never been used as thoroughly and effectively as it was against the American people during the Covid-19 pandemic. This war against free enterprise is an old one, and freedom has been losing for a long time.

The death rate from Corona-virus was minuscule compared to the death rate from every day life in countries outside of the U.S. and its Free Enterprise influence. Unfortunately, this was the last battle in a losing war and Capitalism lost its last stand during the early morning hours of November 4th 2020.

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Illegal Immigration Click to enlarge

The third world population on this planet grows by 100 million people every 18 months. Anything less than strictly enforced legal immigration is a surrender of our sovereignty.

If Congress wouldn’t have overstepped its legal bounds to feed, house, educate and provide medical care to anyone who couldn’t pay for it, we probably wouldn’t need a wall to stop illegal immigration. As things stand, a wall is necessary.

One of the few enumerated powers and responsibilities our Constitution gives the federal government is to protect our country from foreign adversaries. Not finishing the wall is a surrender.

Defending U.S. borders is the legal role of the military. Building walls, roads, schools, hospitals and serving as policemen in foreign lands is not.

The Department of Homeland Security was formed to do the job the U.S. Military should be doing if they weren’t too busy defending foreign borders. It’s what we get when we let crooked politicians sell government to the highest bidder.

The Bush administration used the attacks of September, 11 2002 to start an unrelated war and expand governmental power with the creation of yet another federal department.

DHS should be dismantled and its budget returned to the workers who earned it. Border patrol and ICE should be funded under a branch of the military. Coast Guard might be good.

Once the border has been secured and immigration brought under the rule of law, a statute of limitation should be discussed for those who entered illegally up to some point in the past, subject to only to those who have not been involved in additional criminal activity.

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National Debt

Most Americans are aware that many politicians and bureaucrats long ago succumbed to the money and power of corruption. A quick count of the number of people who have become millionaires and billionaires after being elected or appointed to public service gives us an accurate estimate of just how many are involved.

Likewise, the scale of their corruption can be accurately estimated by the discrepancy between the amount of revenue they have been able to legitimately collect, and the amount of money that has disappeared into the bureaucratic quagmire without anything to show for it, The national debt.

This nations greatness is its wealth, more accurately it is the wealth of its free people. Everything the United States has accomplished for over 200 years from the defeat of the British, Imperial Japan and the Third Reich to putting men on the Moon was paid for by American workers. As the American people’s wealth is stolen, the nation becomes weaker, and the wealth of our nation is evaporating before our eyes.

The debt that those in power are incurring, is not their debt. It is not based on their intention of ever repaying it. It’s based on the promise that future American workers will repay it.

The debt doesn’t represent something of value received by the American people. In fact there is a direct anti-correlation between excess government spending and the economic and cultural security of the average U. S. Citizen, and there is a direct correlation between the 27 trillion dollars that we are obligated to repay and the wealth accumulated by those in power.

The nature of embezzlement is that it is disguised as something innocent. Otherwise they would just pass a law ceding every Americans property immediately to these few hundred powerful people in Washington. As long as they keep the American people divided, it is easy pass off corrupt programs as lifesaving, and to show that reform would kill people.

In December of 2019, while the Senate held hearings on Justice Department abuse that reaches the highest ranking law enforcement officials in government, and the House voted on Articles of Impeachment, Democrats and Republicans at each others throats, quietly and innocuously slipped another few trillion dollars out of the pockets of American workers present and future.

There was no debate. Republicans got everything they wanted, Democrats got everything they wanted and we got another few trillion dollars in debt. Over the following 9 months, a period that saw the greatest division between the two parties since the 1850’s, they managed to find enough common ground to borrow another 3 trillion dollars. Not a word about what it cost or who will pay for it.

Members of Congress inexplicably become multi-millionaires while “serving” because they are embezzling public funds on a scale that has bankrupted the U.S. government and is destroying our country.

Any member of Congress who votes to borrow another dime on our backs while we are not at war is guilty of treason. The appearance of solvency is an illusion dependent on monetary tricks performed by the Federal Reserve. The illusion of justice is impossible to maintain when our property, the proceeds of our labor, belongs by default to our rulers.

James Clapper,while director of the National Security Agency, answered this question before Congress, under oath: Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans? “Not Wittingly”

Edward Snowden, a real whistle blower, is still wanted by the U.S. government for exposing NSA abuses and could do thirty years in prison if they get their hands on him.

Our government is corrupt and everyone knows it. Clapper, Comey and thousands more like them, including a significant percentage of members of Congress past and present, have become or are becoming millionaires and multi-millionaires while our nation goes down the financial tubes and we the people are powerless to do anything about it.

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Taxes Click to enlarge

Anyone who says they will tax the rich is a liar. The rich have never paid taxes and they never will. That is true throughout history and across the globe today. The most “successful” socialists nations in the world tax the poor and middle class ruthlessly. Sweden for example, has a 25 percent sales tax and a 60 percent middle class income tax. The rich move, or move their money to other jurisdictions if they can’t bribe those in power to exempt them.

The Constitution reserves to the states all of the power not specifically delegated to the federal government because it’s harder for a state government to oppress its people. People have more control over state governments and if a state government becomes too oppressive, you can move to another state. When the federal government becomes oppressive, there is no escape. If you can’t escape, you’re not free.

Unfortunately, most state governments have become oppressive in a way that the people won’t notice until its too late. We should expect our government to collect and spend our money in the most efficient manner possible, that the burden is shared evenly with our fellow citizens, and that it be done in a manner that respects our life, liberty and property. Like most states, the Arkansas Property tax fails on all counts.

The Arkansas Constitution states: “Property taxes constitute a lien on property and bind that property from the first Monday in January of the assessment year until taxes are paid in the collection year”.

That means that on the first business date in January of this year, the state put a lean on everyone’s property that stays in effect until we pay this year’s taxes, next year, by which time the state will have already placed another lien on all our property.

Owning a piece of property gives you the opportunity to improve it, to turn your labor into value, to profit without anyone or anything between you and your success. But in Arkansas, no one can own a home or the ground it sets on.

Each year Arkansas’ 75 counties spend several hundred million dollars assessing, re-assessing and collecting property taxes. The state could net the same revenue by collecting hundreds of millions less using the existing sales tax system while putting the decision of when and how much to pay in the hands of tax payers instead of tax collectors.

The immorality of Arkansas’s property tax will become apparent when the nations debt reaches its inevitable conclusion. People who have worked a lifetime will learn that everything they paid into Social Security was stolen, then they will be evicted from the home they spent thirty or more years paying for by the state of Arkansas who, it turns out, really owns it.

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Health Care Click to enlarge

When the Affordable Care Act was passed, my wife and I were able to grandfather in our existing Arkansas Blue Cross insurance. The premiums went up each January by whatever amount the Arkansas Insurance Department approved, 9.9 percent for 2020. In 2018 I sold my company. That leaves me with assets, but considerably less income. So I checked out where I found another Arkansas Blue Cross policy that cost more than twice what my current policy cost, but with a tax subsidy that would make our premiums about half of what we were paying. Two days later I received a cancellation notice for our old policy. I hadn’t even paid for the new policy, why was Blue Cross so eager to cancel our old policy?

Blue Cross wanted us out of our old policy even though it’s cost had nearly doubled since we bought it on the free market, because they will collect twice as much under the new policy. Blue Cross Blue Shield is the largest lobbyist in the health care industry. Along with other large insurance corporations, they spent millions on contributions to lobbyist and members of Congress during the formation of the Affordable Care Act. The return on that investment has been far greater than any legitimate investment they could have made.

This illustrates perfectly the flaw in our system and it explains why our government is 23 trillion dollars in debt even though many elections have been won on the promise of cutting spending.

Every dollar Congress spends is influenced by the largest industry in the United States, the influence trade. Thousands of multi-million dollar influence brokers sell there product on behalf of there clients who include practically every large business, union and “charitable” organization and foundation in the country as well as most foreign governments. So every time Congress spends billions of dollars, it benefits big business, unions, charitable organizations, foundations and foreign governments.

If you define success as a government program that provides a benefit to U.S. citizens greater than it’s cost to U.S. citizens, the system itself precludes a successful outcome for any government program that spends taxpayer dollars.

In order to bypass the lobbyists, successful health care legislation would need to enact guidelines without spending federal dollars, but then Members of Congress would have to live on their salaries alone and lobbyist would have to find productive employment. Government spending would go down. Taxes would go down and health insurance companies and health care providers would compete to provide the best care at the lowest cost.

It would need to start by doing the same thing to education. Part of our county’s health care problem is the skyrocketing cost and declining value of higher education which is the result of the same systemic flaw that is crippling our health care system. The current federal student loan program inflates the cost of education and encourages students to go into debt for an education that won’t earn enough money to repay the loans.

If you took federal dollars out of the education system, schools would be forced to compete for students by providing a better product at a lower cost. Students with good grades would be able to borrow money to study medicine because the future return would make it a good risk for a bank or other investor. The system would regulate itself without taxpayer dollars or bureaucratic interference and it would force thousands more influence peddlers and bureaucrats to get real jobs.

Once we have doctors, nurses and other health care professionals graduating from efficient, low cost schools we need a flexible system that allows them to make a living in whatever way suits their and their community’s circumstances. An RN for example, should be able to open up shop under rules set by local governments.

Insurance companies, while free to offer any kind of policy they please would compete to offer policies that cover only more serious and less likely medical events for people who pay cash for minor medical needs.

Employers should be free to offer any benefits they believe would attract employees, but these benefits should be treated like any other income for tax purposes. An employer who wants pay a higher wage instead of offering benefits should not be penalized.

As for pre existing illnesses, a quick once over of the U.S. Constitution should be enough to convince anyone with Common Sense that the federal government has no jurisdiction in the matter. State lawmakers do have jurisdiction, and many of them will come up with great, cost effective programs to deal with it. Those that don’t will probably join their colleagues looking for more appropriate employment after the next election.

Modern Medicine has increased lifespans across the world and particularly in the United States by decades. The question is, should medicine be left to private industry, or by managed by government? If it is left to private industry, the profit motive will fuel continued advances. In the long run there is no practical limit on how long a person could live if they are willing to pay for it.

That is the rub then. As a society, are we willing to give up those advances in order to keep rich people from buying longer lives than the rest of us? A short sighted and selfish society certainly would. It’s not fair for everyone, but without a profit motive, those advances won’t come. With a profit motive, only the rich will benefit at first, but then the advances will be available to a growing segment of society forever. It will in the long run benefit almost everyone. On the other hand, if we allow government to keep things fair from the start, the advances will stop and lifespans will be stagnant for everyone equally.

As for the drawbacks of longer life spans, nature is a wonderfully self regulating system. The advances that would drastically increase human lifespans are only possible if they are initially available to a very few. As soon as you mandate that they be made available to everyone, they don’t happen in the first place. If nature is allowed progress unencumbered by bureaucrats who know more than God, the room, impact on the environment and other problems associated with longer lifespans will be resolved with parallel advances in reproductive control and extraterrestrial exploration.

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Cops and Civil Unrest Click to enlarge

When police tried to serve a drug warrant in Philadelphia, the suspect fired on the cops hitting six of them. During the shootout and ensuing standoff, residents taunted and threw rocks and cans at police. During the live coverage of the incident, reporters didn’t understand why people were reacting to the police that way. By the next morning, all reference to the behavior of bystanders had evaporated.

I don’t know why anyone was surprised. All you need to do is watch the news to see cops being targeted, citizens protesting, rioting and facing cops in riot gear armed with military arms and equipment. We’ve seen this kind of adversarial relationship between authority and citizens throughout history and around the world, in countries with authoritarian governments. It’s not supposed to be that way in a free country.

There are other things going on in our country that should not be happening in a free country. Over 70,000 people died from drug overdose in 2017. We have entire public school systems in which not one student can pass basic math, reading and writing tests. The cost of higher education has skyrocketed while the value of a college degree is decreasing. 40 million people don’t have enough food, close to a million are homeless and a higher percentage of our population is in prison than any country on Earth.

All these problems have one thing in common, and one root cause. The federal government has taken responsibility away from local communities. Police departments used to know the people they were there to protect. They were the husbands, wives, siblings and children of the communities they worked in. When the federal government started sending weapons, equipment and primarily money into police departments, they separated them from their communities.

The United States spends 51 billion dollars per year fighting drug abuse, 68 billion on education, about 50 billion on housing subsidies and public housing and over 100 billion on food and food subsidies. All these problems have gotten worse in almost exact proportion to the amount spent by the federal government because most of the money is embezzled. Most of the food budget for example goes to corporations who not coincidentally have large budgets for lobbyists and political campaign contributions.

The federal debt is a big problem. I’ve done the math like I would for my businesses, and the federal government is bankrupt. But the harm that excess spending is doing to this country is far more insidious and closer to home than balance sheets and financial statements.

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Social Security Click to enlarge

The federal government can collect income taxes because of the 16th Amendment, we’ll ignore for now, the fact that that amendment was not passed legally. It collects Social Security taxes on the authority of an act of Congress. When the Act was passed, they promised that 1% of our earnings was all it would ever cost. Even in 1937 it was really 2% because our employers had to match it. Today it cost every worker 15.3%.

Retirement saving is a great thing. Trusting our savings to the government is a bad thing. If the money I have paid into the Social Security system would have been invested in rolling certificates of deposit accounts at an average interest rate of four percent, a conservative number considering historical rates, my retirement account would be worth a little more than $750,000 today. I could retire at age 59 and collect $3,500 per month for 30 years.

Since I sent that money to the government instead of a bank, it’s all gone. It has been replaced with a promise from a government that is mathematically bankrupt to pay me about $1,400 per month beginning at age 65 or so. A promise that is dependent on taxing more younger workers every year. That is the definition of a Ponzi scheme which is also by definition, a fraud.

The idea of privatizing Social Security has been stigmatized by the people who have stolen the difference between what our contributions are worth, and what the system has to show for it, which is effectively nothing since they now need to steal from new marks to hide the loss.

The problem with Social Security is the same as the problem with the 22 trillion dollar debt, it was stolen, and theft on that scale makes the thieves more powerful than the people. Our Republic has been usurped and the usurpers are far too wealthy to let a little thing like freedom get in their way. As a first step, we need to get future Social Security dollars out of the hands of government. Our nation’s founders had the foresight, wisdom and Common Sense to tell us how to do it, the tenth Amendment.

If any one of our 50 Governors had the guts to intercept Social Security withholding dollars and hire a reputable financial services company with fiduciary responsibility to manage a retirement fund within the State, it would have the effect of pulling the last straw out from under the fraud our government is perpetrating on working Americans.

All of the time and money spent defending First and Second Amendment rights will be wasted if we continue to allow the Tenth Amendment to be violated with impunity. It is the most important amendment in the Bill of Rights. Without the Tenth Amendment, the others are meaningless, and yet each year trillions are made off of its violation. That’s why the government is 23 trillion in debt. Its why the government is bankrupt, and its why freedom is dieing in America.

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The Free Press Click to enlarge

The Free Press in this country has been replaced by a New York based corporate media who feed disinformation and outright lies into over 99 percent of American homes. Most of them are blatant and unapologetic like NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN. Fox News and Fox Business are part of the same cabal, but their target audience is farther from the fold and requires more nuanced persuasion.

The media tells us what to believe. While that doesn’t usually work on an individual basis, it is very effective at giving the impression that most people do believe it. And that’s how you get away with assassinating the President, stealing trillions of dollars and rigging a presidential election. And that’s how you lose a country.

When a corrupt justice department covered for President Kennedy’s murderers, a free press would have investigated. Our press was complicit. When Hillary Clinton concocted and paid for a fake Trump-Russia connection, our press was complicit. When the FBI conducted an illegal sting operation on an incoming President and his staff, our press was complicit.

When poll watchers and reporters were sent home late on election night so that thousands and hundreds of thousands of forged ballots could be brought in and counted for the Deep State’s candidate, our press was complicit.

When Covid-19 was used to bankrupt a million small businesses while no large corporation closed, the media said nothing. When schools were closed causing untold damage to millions of children as a tool for the Teachers Union after we knew that kids didn’t spread and weren’t susceptible to the virus, the media said nothing.

Each member of Congress takes millions of dollars from Deep State corporations foreign and domestic. Collectively they take billions, and in return the Deep State corporations get trillions in federal spending. When Congress spent several trillion dollars on Covid relief, just enough of it, a few hundred million, went to small business and working Americans to make it look good. Most of it always goes to the people who paid for it.

When Ben Franklyn said “if you can keep it” I doubt he thought this republic would last 200 years, but I think he’d be shocked to know that when we lost it, we didn’t even notice.

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National Defense

We should fund the most advanced and highly trained military in the world. Then the United States of America should defend the United States of America. Its time for the rest of the world to defend their own borders, fight their own wars and pay their own bills.

When we were attacked by Saudi nationals on September 11, 2001 the event was as is typical, used to advance the interests of the political elite by creating a whole new federal department to defend the United States. So what do we need the Defense Department for?

According to the Department of Defense the United States military has more than 600,000 buildings at more than 6,000 locations on more than 30 million acres in 135 countries, while our own borders are breached hundreds of times every day.

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Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.
Ronald Reagan

Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.
Thomas Jefferson

The sacred rights of mankind are not to be rummaged for among old parchments or musty records. They are written, as with a sunbeam, in the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of the divinity itself; and can never be erased.
Alexander Hamilton

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